Guinness World Record for the longest Ferrari or the fastest Limo!

04/20/2015 19:28:03
Guinness World Record for the longest Ferrari or the fastest Limo!
The 20ft long car - which only seats eight people - is set to claim two Guinness World Records as the fastest limousine and the longest Ferrari

Fastest limousine in the world hits the road at 170mph
The world's fastest limousine is now available to rent and it runs from 0 to 60mph in six seconds 
• It is made from a Ferrari 360 Modena chopped in half and stretched by 9.5ft with a section of hand-built carbon fibre
• It has a top speed of around 166mph - just 17mph less than the standard 183mph Modena
• The new car is now 20ft long and seats eight people. It maintains a fast speed because it weighs just 160kg more than the original 1,390kg vehicle. - is set to claim two Guinness World Records as the fastest limousine and the longest Ferrari

A man who made the world's fastest limousine is facing the wrath of an automotive giant – 36-year-old Dan Cawley and former McLaren carbon fibre expert Chris Wright.

Dan Cawley said: ”Everyone always dreams about riding in a real Ferrari but very few people ever get the chance - but now they can, and bring friends along too. You won't find a mini-bar on here because it isn't that sort of limousine. It's about tasting a real driving experience, not just cruising past night clubs on Saturday night. And you can't beat the look on people's faces when you overtake them on the motorway, and the car just keeps on coming past.”

They decided to challenge the opinion of American limo builders that a stretch Ferrari was impossible to build because traditional conversions use steel beams, which would make it too heavy.

Like the original car (Ferrari 360 Modena), the V8 engine is still visible through the rear glass window. Extra crash protection bars and carbon roll over hoops have been installed for safety. A six speaker surround sound system and slimline DVD have also been built in.

They have already received an offer of £200,000 from a wealthy businessman in Dubai but he plans to run the Ferrari for a year as a show car before selling it to the proposed Ferrari museum in Dubai.

There are currently no Guinness Record holders for longest Ferrari or fastest limo.


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